Soft and Sweet ~ Herbaceous and Zesty ~
with Woodsy and Floral undertones.


175ml aromatherapy soy candle with pure essential oils.


  • Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Soothing and calming, helps bring clarity

  • Benzoin (Styrax Benzoin) Grounding and calming

  • Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) Cheerful, inspiring and invigorating

  • Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) Soothing and relaxing

  • Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia) invigorating and reviving

  • +2 other essential oils


  • Handmade in the UK
  • 100 % Natural ingredients & certified essential oils
  • Soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Cruelty free & vegan
  • No palm oil
  • No paraffin wax
  • The highest possible amount of pure essential oils
  • No synthetic dyes or fragrances                                                  


30 ml 1fl. oz. Atmosphere Mist

with pure essential oils:

Clary sage ~ soothing and calming, helps bring clarity.

Benzoin ~ grounding and calming.

Tangarine ~ inspiring and invigorating.

Sandalwood ~ soothing and relaxing.

Lime ~ refreshing and reviving.

2 other essential oils.


Palo Santo " Holy Wood" Palo Santo Incense Sticks - Palo Santo Wood Wild Harvested & Sustainably Sourced in Perù. Natural Incense for Cleansing, Meditation and Stress Relief.

Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a tree that's native to Perù, Ecuador, and other South American countries. It grows in dry tropical forests and produces very fragrant resin. In Spanish, palo santo means “holy wood.” They're part of the citrus family, with a relation to frankincense and myrrh. Thanks to its high resin content, palo santo wood is believed to release its purifying properties when burned. Palo Santo  is one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Its scent is  sweet, woodsy and  fresh. Shamans, saints, and those seeking a stronger spiritual connection with the world use palo santo to protect, experience, and heal. 


  • Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing.
  • Inspiring creativity.
  • The uplifting scent is the perfect partner for your meditation or yoga  practice.
  •  Creating a sense of relaxation and calm. 

To cleanse any space’s energy, simply light a stick and then extinguish the flame, gently waving the stick in the air or waving your hand over the stick. White smoke will be emitted from the smoldering stick, which can disperse around you or your space.

Aromatherapy & mindful moments set

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