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PRIVATE LABEL ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Nr.1 Sweet, exotic,  floral (approximately 5ml)  For making products like: perfumes, cosmetics, diffusers etc.  

  • Minimum opening order £100 for the blend of your choice. Note that price per individual unit will depend on quantity of essential oils used per each blend.
  •  E-mail us for inquiries.

Our Aromatherapist can  blend and develop your favourite fragrance. We  use high quality essential oils &  natural ingredients and choose suitable  packaging for your brand. 

Creating the perfect private label pure essential oil blends can take time.  We can help you manage the project from the beginning to the end, together with full sampling and testing to ensure your blend will suit your needs. 

We can offer a complete small batch private label service, or supply unbranded and fill to your requirements for you to add your own labels. We work closely with you from concept to final approval of your product, creating the highest quality own brand candles to meet your needs ready to sell or gift to your customers.

Sweet orange  Citrus sinesis  has a sweet, uplifting scent that can help calm nervous tension and promotes restful sleep.

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Lavender has a calming fragrance and  Is a popular remedie for promoting restful sleep. 

Ylang - Ylang Cananga odorata  The aroma acts as a popular aphrodisiac, fights fatigue, and aids relaxation.

Marjoram Origanum marjorana -Warming and relaxing oil which can help to ease anxiety and promote restful sleep. Inhaling the oil's can also help clear sinus and lung congestion.

Tangerine Citrus reticulata  A cheerful and uplifting aroma for inproving focus.


Please Note that this is made to order product. Made to order products will only be manufactured once the customer places the order, which creates extra wait time for the consumer to receive a product but allowing for more flexible customisation compared to acquiring stock items. Purchase order  lead time 5-10 days. 

EU shipping available, contact us via e-mail 

Pure Essential Oil blend nr 1. Private Label Sample 5ml

Made to order
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