The Revive is one of  our best selling scent with a complex blend of 4 purest possible essential oils and not only smell beautiful but also has an uplifting,  energising Holistic effect and can help to create  a unique aromatic experience in the home.
 Revive includes subtle citrus notes, refreshing, herbaceus aroma with woody & earthy undertones and contains pure Lavender, Lemongrass, pine & 1 other essential oils. 

 The blend  has a distinct character, combaining the aromatic fresh facet on top emphasised by adding lemongrass and lavender balanced out with woodiness in the body containing  the highest possible % of the purest possible essential oils including:
Relaxing Lavender ( Lavendula agustifolia ) which has a calming fragrance. Its soothing aroma helps reduce stress levels and promote restful sleep.
Uplifting Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon citratus ) Top Note - which has a stimulating & enhancing wellbeing aroma. Can act as an effective Natural insect repellent.

Invigorating Pine  (Pinus sylvestris) has a refreshing, invigorating aroma.  Essential oil of pine has a relaxing effect on the physical and psychological level plus works well as a mosquito repellent.


  • size: 100 ml recycable clear glass bottle
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • No Palm Oil
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances
  • No harsh chemicals
  • no artificial colours
  • 100 % natural fragrances
  • Non Medical Product

How to use it:

  • Spritz the reviving mist above you and inhale deeply through the nose and out through the mounth. Repeat 4 times. 
  • Spritz throughout  the immediate space or refresh as needed. 
  • Apply to pulse point throughout the day.


Each Natural Mist contain the highest possible amount of Pure Essential and base component (Vegan&GMO Free cycilic silicone polymer blend)


Reviving Room & Linen Mist with 4 pure & 100 % Natural essential oils


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