High quality & hand crafted Essential Oil Diffuser bracelets contain 16 semi precious gemstone Rose Quartz ( stone of love) healing stones combined on an elasticated ring with 6 volcanic lava stones, which are perfect for diffusing your essential oils once applied. 

Rose Quartz is the healing crystal that is recognised as the centre of universal love.

Rose Quartz healing can help:


Opening the heart to all levels to promote love





Gemstones are believed to have powerful healing benefits - wear one everyday for protection.

Handmade with strong elastic for durability.

To create positive energy within the bracalatet we use process of smudging ( We use White Sage and Palo Santo wood to carry away and clear negative energy)

Pull the bracalet stretch cord gently.

Fits a variety of wrist sizes.

Suitable for both adults.

Colour of lava stone may fade over time. 

Hand made in The United Kingdom

Rose Quartz  High quality & hand crafted Essential Oil Diffuser bracelet


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