The Luminessence Naturals Apothecary collection of candles, mists & essential oils with scents to: Uplift, Relax, Balance, Sleep & Room Cleansing contain the highest possible amount of essential oils and natural ingredients. Each candle come in exquisitely labelled amber glass apothecary jar (120ml & 500ml) with glossy black cap (Free from Bisphenol A & recyclabe). Each scent is hand - blended by aromatherapist  with minimum 2 types expertly blended essential oils to greatly enhance your relaxation, meditation or yoga practice.  


The Luminessence Naturals Luxury candle & room mists collection Sulit, Revive & Eunoia. These 100% Natural soy candles range from splendidly feminine florals and zesty fruits to oriental musky. Each is hand - blended by aromatherapist using the highest possible amount of pure essential oils and the best natural ingredients. Each blend is intricate, sophisticated and unbelievably luxe with minimum 4 types expertly blended essential oils to boost your well - being.

Available in 2 sizes ( Travel, 1 wick )

Sulit ~ word from the Philippines and it means "worth it" 

Eunoia ~ word from Ancient Greek and it means " well mind"

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